Let us introduce you to Million Facets, the new European, next generation cosmetic brand available on social media. We are at the intersection of premium and edgy.
What is Edgy? Its modern, young and stylish – not because it follows trends but because it makes being different its biggest strength.

Our goal: To develop a brand embodying the values and characteristics of a new generation: urban, creative and diverse.

Our philosophy: To offer highly qualitative cosmetic products made in France. We want to embrace every single type of beauty.

Our difference: We aim to answer the needs of every single one of you, thereby combining our expertise in product development with the ideas of our community. We are creating next generation products that make your facets shine!

Our Team: Mostly a team of girls from different parts of the world, embracing their cultural differences. We were all born in the 90s, we are all inspired and creative and make the differences of our facets our strength.

Your Million Facets Team